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What can digital signage do for you?
A careful needs analysis can connect great ideas with effective technologies. There are as many uses for digital signage as there are types of commercial environments. Displays and players are only the medium on which your communications are delivered. Where the displays are located and how they are perceived is also an important consideration. You may want to start at one display or deploy a large network of signs, Hoke Digital can design a package that works for you and your budget.
Check out this infographic for more about markets and uses.

Below are some examples of types of businesses or institutions that digital signage can benefit.

Emergency Response

One universal use for all networked signage is the ability to communicate emergency information and/or instructions. This can be vital in a campus environment, building or any public space. Displays can show emergency routes out of a space and can use audio to further direct or inform. Any system can have this feature designed into it.

Restaurant / Menu Boards
Static menu boards can be replaced with digital menus that animate your highlighted product or deal. Digital menu boards are easily updatable using a browser on a connected device. Content can be colorful and animated and convey the mood of your brand. One display can have multiple menus that showcase entrees or desserts, etc. Schedules can change the menus from lunch to dinner. Digital signs can have custom graphics for holidays or special events that are designed with your branding and colors.

Displays hanging in strategic spots around high traffic areas of your environment can entertain and inform. You can highlight dessert items or a show a fun quiz. Full screen or inset video clips and streaming media are available. News or stock RSS feeds can be attached to any screen. Multiple displays can be tiled and designed to show one image or animation across the span. Signage is available for the front of the house and the back. One or more displays in the back of the house can communicate schedules, menu changes, vacations and more. Information is easy to update using a browser and logging in.


Retail Displays and Point-Of-Sale
Vertically or horizontally oriented displays that loop dynamic content can showcase products in ways static posters cannot. From small POP displays to wall-sized display solutions, motion and color can be used to direct viewers to action. Animated slides or video can be used to highlight multiple products, move stagnating inventory or showcase deals. Dynamic media running on bright LCD displays can make an impact on the traffic, purchase decisions and brand retention in your store. Customer experience is greatly enhanced with well designed displays that are thoughtfully integrated into your space and it's existing themes. Adding interactives can further enhance customer experience by allowing a customer to quickly find an item or to explore the inventory using search criteria.


Corporate / Manufacturing Communications
Displays showing selected information can inform employees and visitors as they walk into your building. Digital signs can highlight employee achievements and news or information about the company. These displays can be changed to welcome special guests with logos or animations. Placed around a space, digital signage can add to the environmental graphics and wayfinding strategies. Break rooms can have signs that have special content just for that environment. All signs can be managed from one login and set up in zones to deliver your targeted content.


Manufacturing can use digital signage to inform and educate the workforce. Show schedules, delivery times or other time tables. Use displays to guarantee your workers see safety messages with colorful text, graphics, animation or live video clips. Use interactive displays with custom software to augment the workstation. Take your training from the florescent lit classrooms out to the floor where it can be used. Training materials can be transformed into searchable databases at the fingertips of workers when it is needed. Interactive elements that represent complex systems can be exploded and made "clickable”. With a touch a new part can be ordered and fully tracked in your legacy enterprise software. Employees can receive "pop quizzes" at their workstations and this information can be captured and added to employee databases. Software can be fully compatible with SCORM or other training systems and employee databases.

Hospitality: Big or Small
Hotels and hospitals have been two of the first industries to embrace digital signage. Interactive kiosks installed in lobbies offer a convenient way for visitors to explore the facility and the local area. Users can search for restaurants, entertainment or get weather forecasts for the area including live radar loops and RSS feeds for most news sources. Displays can be mounted in high visibility areas with video streams, stock tickers and local advertisements. Use on-screen QR codes that open webpages on mobile devices. These pages can contain coupons or other local business promotions. Flight schedule RSS feeds can be placed across the bottom of a display or visitors can access flight info using an interactive kiosk.

Tradeshow displays bring color, movement & catch eyes!
Colorful digital media running on large HD displays can pull traffic out of the flow of walkers and into your booth. Using displays to attract, immerse and then drive to action is becoming more of a standard and the price point is coming down everyday. Hoke Digital has many years experience developing and producing tradeshow experiences. Use digital assets at the core of the exhibit by contacting Hoke Digital early in the concept stage. Let us bring our experience to the table and help make an irresistable booth.


Building Directories / Interactive Maps
One of the most important aspects of designing a space for humans is helping them navigate through it. Historically, very minimal and sometimes abstract static graphics and maps have been used. An integrated wayfinding solution should include one or more interactive directories. Designed and integrated into the larger wayfinding strategy, directory kiosks are the jumping off point for the visitor. Large buildings and campuses can be impossible without a good initial orientation. These maps can have QR links that link to the same map online to further solidify the users orientation. Color codes and zones can be integrated with the larger printed sign theme and strategy. Directory graphics can use animation to show paths and highlight landmarks. All displays can be designed to instantly transform into emergency information signs. Emergency content can be large, readable instructions, maps for evacuation or to shelters, or live RSS feeds and video streams.

Education / K-12 Schools / Museums
Educational institutions can use digital signs in many ways. Educating children is easier when using immersive and entertaining software. Using signs to communicate to the staff or students and promoting events can engender more participation. Using colorful graphics and animations, you can communicate important information to viewers that may be overlooked on printed signs. This could be safety information or emergency instructions. Coordinating a network of signs can ensure an orderly evacuation. Commercial LCD displays are very bright and would be more visible in smokey or confusing situations. Interactive kiosks could provide maps to classrooms, special videos or announcements. Interactive systems are very adaptable and can be redeployed with software for different uses or themes.

Museums have a special opportunity to use digital signage in interpretive storytelling. Augmenting physical artifacts and props, integrated displays and interactive touch-screens add life and excitement to any exhibit. Custom enclosures can be designed to enhance or blend-in to existing exhibits. Multi-touch, large-format displays are available to turn a wall into a portal of discovery. Even inexpensive hardware and simple Flash programming can help turn a small collection of artifacts into a real and fun exploration that enhances the visitor experience and learning retention.



Any company that owns a fleet of vehicles can use digital signage. Displays around the depot can show arrivals and departures, assignments and other information for the operators. Airports and bus stations can use kiosks to pre-sell tickets or help with finding their luggage. Interactive maps can help a visitor navigate a large facility.

Vehicles of all kinds can use digital signage. Any vehicle can be outfitted with digital signs. Buses, taxis, limousines and aircraft can use displays to enhance the rider experience giving access to entertainment like Netflix, Hulu or even HBO Go in the vehicle. Playback media is stored on the device so even if cellular service is lost, the sign will still be running. Even bicycle taxi companies can outfit their fleet with battery powered wireless displays hanging on all sides. Each bike transmits its’ own wifi signal allowing the signs and passengers to enjoy LTE speed web access. Cloud-based software and high speed data through cellular networks make digital signage as mobile as your phone.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries
Static menu boards can be replaced with digital menus that animate your highlighted product or deal. Digital menu boards are easily updatable using a browser on a connected device. Content can be colorful and animated and convey the mood of your brand. One display can have multiple menus that showcase entrees or desserts, etc. Schedules can change the menus from lunch to dinner. Digital signs can have custom graphics for holidays or special events that are designed with your branding and colors.

High Traffic Zones
Environments like shopping malls or other public spaces need special considerations when it comes to signage. Message durations and designs that can capture the attention of a person walking by and looking at the display for less than a second. This small amount of time requires the right image at the right time. Using displays and interactive maps, you can move crowds with purpose, especially in an emergency. Solutions for outdoor LED signage are also available.


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